Whatmillion.com Privacy Policy
Updated March 19, 2006

The whatmillion.com Staff understands the substantial and unique privacy needs of millionaires.

For each visitor to whatmillion.com, our server recognizes only the visitor's domain name. We review the domain name for internal purposes and then discard it. For statistical analysis, we record the number of millionaires of any given type (e.g. Vietnamese, Russian), but this data does not include any identifying information.

For registered subscribers, we use cookies to grant access to restricted functions after login, but do not perform any user tracking.

Whatmillion.com only retains email addresses which are required to respond to user feedback, which are linked to subscribing members, or which are explicitly enrolled in our mailing list. Email information is never shared with outside parties, nor used for any other than the stated purpose.

We use a third-party (Google) to serve contextual ads on our site. You may view their privacy policy here: http://www.google.com/privacy.html.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy.

The whatmillion.com Staff

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Content within this website is meant for consenting millionaires. This website features financially explicit pictures and exchange rates. By submitting data to this page you are stating that you are in possession of legal tender and that it is legal in your area to accumulate private wealth. If you do not possess legal tender or live in a jurisdiction which does not permit accumulation of private wealth, please exit now. Entering or usage of the website constitutes responsibility for your own actions and agreement to the whatmillion terms of use agreement. If you are a parent and you wish to block this site, you are encouraged to engage a password-protected screen saver and/or power down your personal computer.

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