Saturday, April 08, 2006

iTunes Affiliate and the iMix

Whatmillion has joined the Apple iTunes affiliate program - we receive 5% of purchases made by customers who are referred through our site (although the minimum payout corresponds to $500 in sales and is thus a little daunting). The "session" lasts 24 hours from the referral.

As a reward to our loyal user base, we have created a diverse and fabulous iMix (music for millionaires!), and are advertising it in our banner rotation.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

For some reason, google has stopped serving ads to our main page, and instead is only showing public service announcements. Oddly enough, if we add anything extra to the URL, i.e., "," it works fine. We think this is because google crawls on the fly when it sees the "?", but has a stale default cache for the main page.

To fix this, we followed google's instructions to create a "collapsing ad unit," so the ad just goes away instead of displaying those annoying hurricane messages.

Secondly, on submit of a currency value, we append a random word to the URL (unless one of the 'hidden modes' is being used), i.e. "" or "whatmillion?luck".

New Site Disclaimer

On the advice of counsel, we have added a boiler-plate disclaimer to the site. You can never be too careful; millionaires like us need to take particular care to protect their assets from potential legal actions.

Content within this website is meant for consenting millionaires. This website features financially explicit pictures and exchange rates. By submitting data to this page you are stating that you are in possession of legal tender and that it is legal in your area to accumulate private wealth. If you do not possess legal tender or live in a jurisdiction which does not permit accumulation of private wealth, please exit now. Entering or usage of the website constitutes responsibility for your own actions and agreement to the whatmillion terms of use agreement. If you are a parent and you wish to block this site, you are encouraged to engage a password-protected screen saver and/or power down your personal computer.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Registration Link

Added a registration link to the list of user home pages, on Molly's suggestion.

Announcing the New Announcement Page

We have installed this new Announcement Forum to discuss changes and give development updates. We're using to create and publish the updates; while it's possible to customize the format further, we're going to leave it basic for now.

We made some edits to the navigation bar to include (and make room for) this News page.